Sunsets, Ranch Gatherings, and Decatur Texas


There is almost nothing better than watching an amazing sunset surrounded by fellow cattlemen and cattlewomen.  Texas CattleWomen had the honor of participating in a Ranch Gathering that was put on by Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.  I know I have said this before, but if you have never been to Decatur, then you need to plan on making the trip at least once.  The National Roping Supply Store (NRS) first is an amazing place, one you could almost get lost in it.  They have almost everything you could possibly need for a farm or ranch, plus boots and clothes galore.  Now, as you walk out of the store to the back, it is breathtaking. Just picture it.  You walk out to a patio area and there is a huge windmill in the lawn as you look up.  Behind the windmill the hills roll downward covered in trees and brush.  The sun is setting and the light hits off of the windmill and the fountain that is running beneath it.  Just take a minute and imagine it all. The scenery is very moving and something that I recommend everyone see at least once.

Texas CattleWomen had a booth at this event. They were encouraging new members to join and talking about our “Women In Ranching”, one of our upcoming programs at the end of May.  The Ranch Gathering consisted of a cattle handling demonstration done by the one and only Dr. Gill.  This included how to handle cattle on horseback as well as on foot.  If you are able work your cattle on foot around the chute it helps a lot.  It is really wise to run your cattle through the chute in the beginning a couple of times if they have never gone through the chute before.  This will make things a lot easier when it comes time to actually work your cattle.

After the demonstrations, the evening was followed by a wonderful dinner and a panel discussion.  The Cattlemen and Cattlewomen who were at the event had the opportunity to ask questions to experts in the industry.  This was a great opportunity for everyone involved in the event.  These ranch gatherings are excellent opportunities for people to meet other people in the industry as well as professionals in the industry.   If you are ever able to attend one of these events, I highly recommend it.

The Texas CattleWomen have been busy these last few weeks as well as many of the local chapters across Texas. Be on the lookout for these awesome women and the wonderful things they are doing in their communities!

Casey Matzke – Texas CattleWomen Vice President

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